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Epilog is a leading epilog helix of Co2 air cooled laser systems. Increase your buying power.


Avoid a down payment. Match revenue with expenditures. Watch epilog helix Legend Series Tour! Robust CO2 Metal Tubes.

Legend Laser Machines for Engraving and Cutting - Mini 18, 24, and Helix Laser Cutters by Epilog.

Contact Us. Belts Advanced B-style Kevlar Belts.


Resolution User controlled from 75 to dpi. Epilog helix color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color.

Epilog lasermaskiner for gravering, kutting og merking. Rolling buffer allows files of any epilog helix to be engraved.

Attach an air compressor to our included Air Assist to remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface by directing a constant epilog helix of compressed air across the cutting surface. When engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser, you can set a new home position by hand epilog helix the convenient Movable Home Position feature on the Legend Series Lasers. Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color.


Maximum Table Weight The Helix 24 has a static table weight of 70 lbs 32 kg and a lifting table weight of 30 lbs 14 kg. There is one output port, 4" in diameter. Epilog helix for more Videos on How Lasers Work? If you prefer to have a free-standing system, you epilog helix add this wheeled cart specially designed for the Mini Laser line to your machine. It will allow you to quickly and easily move your machine thorughout your work environment.

Epilog Laser Helix 24

The Pin Table incorporates movable epilog helix that can be placed anywhere along the table's grid of one inch The movable pins also allow the user to raise and support the cutting material in locations where the laser will not be cutting, providing a means of eliminating backside reflection. Modulation: TTL. Free shipping.

This mW DIY desktop epilog helix laser engraving machine is ideal for amateur laser. Note: The others are not included in the picture, except the laser head. If you want to upgrade your. Wavelength: nm.

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Interface specification: 4pin PH2. At a solid 1" This means that you will have the same engraving quality no matter where you are engraving in your system, from the top-left corner to bottom-right corner. The engraving table in the Legend Series features a robust, motorized design that allows you to easily adjust the table up or down to fit larger engraving materials and products. This built-in method of securely holding thin sheet stock in place is a large benefit to engravers, as it eliminates the need for double-sided epilog helix.

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This revolutionary feature is a huge time saver when engraving and epilog helix plastic, aluminium sheet stock, thin wood and any other material that won't lay flat on its own. The Vector Cutting Table is used to lift the material being cut above the work surface. This allows the laser beam to pass cleanly through the material you are cutting and dramatically reduces underside reflections.

The air space below the vector grid is connected to the exhaust, so smoke is removed not only from epilog helix top side of the material, but also from the underside. Simply remove the Task Plate and place the Vector Cutting Table in the system to dramatically reduce underside reflections from burning the back side of the material being cut. Keeping laser optics clean and aligned is an important part of keeping your optics performing their best, and it starts with fully accessible front-mounted mirrors that can be easily removed and replaced without affecting beam alignment.Learn about Epilog's Legend Series including the Mini 18, Mini 24 and Helix Laser. Laser Machines for Engraving, Cutting, and Marking from Epilog Laser.

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