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Sequence Store. I have changed this to The directions for this step can be found at: learn.

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If you do not see lightorama usb LEDs as described, then check the Jumpers again, make sure you have a good cable, and possibly, re-check your programming on the RFV Step 6. In this example, we will use Unicast to keep things simple.


If you connect an accessory directly to some computer adapters like our USBno power is passed through. The USBB provides power for your accessories. Channel: One group set or individual item that can be individually controlled to be turned on lightorama usb or set to a certain level Controller: One unit used to "Control" lights, motors, button, inputs or other items RJ45 or CAT5, 5e, 6, 6a, 7, etc.

Renard Plus controllers come in various sizes from 8 to 24 channels The choice is upto you but as you are a beginner I would recommend that you stick to Light-O-Rama controllers for now. You can use your own output cords but that can be hard, just go with them : Lightorama usb is your choice to go with the "Cat5 Cable" or not and the length BUT you will need a cable going between your controller and your PC or Director box Give it a week for your controller to show up.

Introducing the ShowTime PC Controller

Lets start of talking about image 1 Image 1 1 on the part labeled 1 is as you can see your computer. After lightorama usb hook up the other end of the wire to the first controller 4 you can just use the second connector to hook it upto the next controller and then to the next and so forth 5 This is the simplest method and the one most used, the drawbacks are that you need a computer constantly running and a wire connected between the controller and it the first controller.


Image 2, 3, 4, and 6 are just more complicated setups that use RGB lights Image 5 Image 5 works the same way except the computer is replaced with a small controller box that is ran off an SD card 2 and has an input button setup 4 This has lightorama usb advantages of not needing lightorama usb computer plugged in and no cord running down your hall and out the door, with the disadvantage of a higher overall price. Image 9 In this method you will use a computer to run everything with the advantage of wireless connections between the computer and groups of controllers Images 7 and 8 are more complex examples that I am not going to cover in this guide but are no too much harder to implement.

Adapters / Converters

The power cable located on the left side of the controller also provides power to the lighting controllers electronics. There's not anything special about the computers that you need to use. Just about anything being sold these days can be used to run the software suite. Lightorama usb am new on this, lightorama usb i am looking for help. Skip to content. Navigation Home. Over controllers can be daisy chained, mixed and matched on one LOR network giving you the ability to command thousands of channels. Commands from the Software Sequencing Suite Suite are performed on each controller. The blue line shows the standard serial output of the computer RS or USB connected to our high-speed adapter that transforms the signal to the native Light-O-Rama network protocol the purple line that then connects to our various types of high-speed rated controllers over standard computer network wire.

Configuring a Komby RFV to drive a Light-O-Rama controller

Light-O-Rama Pixie 4 controller. The process to change lightorama usb com port has a number of steps but it is pretty straight forward. You can setup the controllers in any way that you can possibly imagine! But let's start simple and add more later on.

Lets start of lightorama usb about image 1. Your computer is what will control the lights in this and most setups.


To play sound the computer just outputs it in the headphone jack 2 We will talk about lightorama usb delivery lightorama usb lator. To send the signal to the controller the computer outputs over USB into the adapter 3 and will then continue over a CAT-5e cable or phone cable. You WILL need a cable connecting between the computer controlling your lights and the first controller!

Navigation Home.Can't get your Light-O-Rama controllers to do anything? Make sure the Light-O -Rama USB adapter is connected to a USB port on your computer like the. How lightorama usb you get your computer to talk to Light-O-Rama controllers?

The adapter translates the way the computer talks (typically through a USB port) to the way.

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