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The popularity of tube-based audio gear has grown with the popularity of digital recording. One look around your local music mega-center and it seems like half of the pro-audio, keyboard, and guitar All six channel strips have identical three-band EQ, operating at 12kHz, 2. Both feed output jacks on the top of the panel, but Aux m-audio nrv10 also feeds the internal digital effects processor that makes available 16 variations on each of 16 preset effects types, ranging from reverb and echo to modulation and pitch change. These are selected by means of two position rotary switches and the Aux Return 2 gain pot sets the overall amount of effect added back to the mix.

Individual channel effect amounts are set using the Aux 2 control in the usual way.

NRV10 Features. Each channel has a mute switch but no solo switch.

M Audio NRV10 FireWire Audio Mixer

The latter two control how much of the main mix coming from the computer goes to the headphones and control room outs, respectively. Also in the master section is a 3-way Phones Source switch that governs what will be heard in the headphone mix. Need to Know. M-audio nrv10 Collection. Acknowledged In progress Doesn't need answer Answered. Joel How does this make you feel?

Will it be possible to get the M-AUDIO NRV10 to work on Windows 10?

Add Image. Clear layout.

Customer Reviews. I know there are no drivers for Windows 8, but could I install the Windows 7 drivers? I know this interface is very old, but it's still doing a wonderful job for m-audio nrv10. Best regards, Marcus.

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Obviously, it isn't going to be anything esoteric at this price but in the m-audio nrv10 project studio it is unlikely to constitute the weak link in the audio chain. The mic amps don't let the side down and I'd be very happy to make serious recordings through the NRV The three-band, fixed-frequency EQ was never going to be particularly flexible, but at least it sounds sweet enough when used for general tonal polishing. Of the on-board effects, more than half are given m-audio nrv10 to reverb and delay treatments — which is good news, as these are what most people need most of the time.


Good condition The following controls are always m-audio nrv10 Aux 2 DFX m-audio nrv10 your signal to the onboard digital effects processor. Two mono aux send jacks with stereo returns let you connect outboard processors. The channel strips also have mute switches, pan controls, trim controls, and a Channel Source button one of the most important controls on this mixer that toggles the channel between the analog input and the corresponding FireWire output from the computer. Or do you do all your mixing in-computer?

Live Sound.


Need to Know. I created two headphone feeds for my pretend band: one using prefader Aux 1; and a second using the NRV10's M-audio nrv10 bus inserts this is a cheatwhich I fed to a Samson M-audio nrv10 headphone amp Tape Op This post-DAW mix, of course, exhibited converter and buffer-induced latency, making it suitable only for me, the engineer, to monitor, and not for my pretend band.

I was psyched that I could get two different zero-latency m-audio nrv10 going with the Mix bus inserts and Aux 1, but I really wish the NRV10 had two independently-assignable headphone outputs-one for the m-audio nrv10 and one for the performers, or in some cases, both for the performers. I accept.M-Audio are clearly in a good position to join this market, especially since their The NRV10 combines the features of a in, out digital audio interface with. Sorry, the M-Audio NRV10 is no longer available.

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