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InitializationString Specifies one or multiple SQL commands informix xa be executed by the driver after it has established the connection to the database and has performed all initialization for the connection. The default is false.

Informix transaction support for XA-compliant, external data sources

If set to 0 the defaultthe driver does not time out a connection request. This property is supported only for data source informix xa. QueryTimeout Positive integer, -1, or zero 0.

If set to 0 the defaultthe default query timeout is infinite the query does not time out. The default is informix xa.

JBOSS Informix XA Data Source JBoss Developer

The default is true. Error message follows: The transaction log in database tempdb is almost informix xa.

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Your transaction is being suspended until space is made available in the log. Space informix xa in the log segment has fallen critically low in database 'tempdb'.

Regards ulf. Displays session information, including information about XA data sources participating in a transaction.

Tested Versions - Sybase Creates an instance of an XA-compliant, external data source. Hi I am informix xa Informix database for my transaction processing and we have created four databases 1. For example, for the following statement, the Informix driver returns "test" for the catalog name, "test1" for the schema name, and "foo" informix xa the table name:.


The additional processing required to informix xa table name, schema name, and catalog name information is only performed if the ResultSetMetaData. When searching a Clob value for a string pattern using the Clob. Similarly, when searching a Blob value for a byte pattern using the Blob. Required properties are noted as such.

The data type listed for each informix xa property is the Java data type used for the property value in a JDBC data source. If set to 0, the driver does not try to reconnect after the initial unsuccessful attempt.

The ConnectionRetryDelay property specifies the informix xa interval, in seconds, used between retry attempts The default is 5. The default is 1. Controls how informix xa conversions are handled for null values. If unspecified, the format of literal date values conforms to the default server behavior. FetchBufferSize Specifies the size in bytes of the fetch buffer that the driver uses when retrieving data from the database.

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The default varies depending on informix xa system. Specifies either the IP address or the server name if your network supports named servers of the primary database server. For example, The case-insensitive default user name used to connect to your Informix database.The IBM® Informix® Transaction Manager, informix xa is an integral part of, not a separate module, recognizes XA-compliant, external data sources. These data. Use the CREATE XADATASOURCE statement to create a new XA-compliant data You can integrate transactions at the XA data source with the Informix®.

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