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This handy interface makes it possible to connect all of your audio instruments and gear, including mics, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines, and even effects processors.

Traveler-mk3 — Portable bus-powered audio interface with effects and mixing. In one fell swoop, this knob might do away motu traveler midi the need for a dedicated monitor controller, especially when motu traveler midi take into account Cuemix Plus's talkback and listenback facilities. I couldn't help wondering whether MOTU might be able to provide an option for the volume knob to control the output level of Analogue outsthereby allowing the Traveler to act as a volume control for a surround setup.

Traveler-mk3 Videos

That really would be a money-saver for people working in that field. The MOTU Firewire Console application handles basic setup of the Traveler, although all these settings can also be made from the front-panel controls. Together these take care of all aspects of the Traveler's basic configuration, zero-latency monitoring and timecode synchronisation abilities respectively, and are all robust and easy to use. Mac users additionally get a freebie audio recording application, Audiodesk, which is a very capable cut-down version of MOTU's flagship Digital Performer software. North America. Delivery Options motu traveler midi all.

Free International Shipping. Show only see all. Connect a MIDI keyboard, sound module or control surface, and you are ready to go.


User Guide User Guide Sept. User Guide Motu traveler midi Guide May 17, User Guide Oct 28, After programming the on-board mixing in the studio, unplug the Traveler-mk3, remove the rack brackets, and take it on the road for operation as a portable, bus-powered audio interface for a laptop or battery-operated stand-alone mixer with effects.

To adjust a channel's volume, push the Mix Bus knob to select from the four mix buses, turn the Cursor motu traveler midi to move to the channel that you want to adjust, and turn motu traveler midi Value knob. The well-written manual clearly explains how to access virtually all of the Traveler's parameters from the front panel.

Traveler Overview

Motu traveler midi 2 lacks Digital Performer's MIDI and software-instrument support, but it does offer a professional-quality multitrack audio recorder, comprehensive editing, and a full-function mixer, complete with support for third-party MAS plug-ins. It's an incredibly powerful device that fulfills the oft-promised 'studio in a box.

If you need a FireWire interface — portable or otherwise — then you motu traveler midi it to yourself to hear the Traveler. And this is without having a computer attached to the Traveler. As a standalone mixer, its performance knocked me out.

I was very impressed with its performance and versatility, especially in light of its affordability. This installer version 4. Extract the contents of the ZIP archive to access and run the "Setup. The install also contains the ClockWorks software motu traveler midi. MIDI interfaces All Mac or Windows hosts that support the Core Audio or ASIO2 sample-accurate sync protocols can resolve to time code via the Traveler-mk3 with near-sample accurate precision.

• MIDI Control of Traveler mk3?

Highly recommended! The front panel is made from the same alloy, and the controls have a good, solid feel to them. The construction quality is excellent, and all sockets and controls have a nice solid feel. Setting up and software installation is very straightforward and it's quite a liberating moment when you power up a laptop-based system for the first time and realise there's not a mains lead in sight. I'd have no hesitation whatsoever in using the Traveler mic preamps for almost any application — they return a colourful, involving sound with bags of detail and a motu traveler midi musicality.

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CueMix FX is a software front-end with attractive graphic motu traveler midi, graphic editing of EQ and a convenient tabbed interface. Hardware packaged specifically for Macintosh requires the updated ROM chip.

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Click link below to order. This driver is compatible with Windows 98 2nd Edition recommendedand Windows Me. One motu traveler midi to take the audio outputs of your keyboard and plug them into a mixer, along with the output of your computer or audio interface.The Traveler includes a channel MIDI interface that provides sample-accurate timing with supporting software. Connect a MIDI keyboard, sound module or.


Clock, sync and MIDI. The Traveler-mk3 uses extremely accurate Direct Digital Synthesis™ for internal clocking and for resolving to external word clock or.

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