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Ioline Software

If this item is not checked, the first segment of the design will begin at the current origin and the embroidery head will stop at end of last stitch segment. If unchecked, the embroidery machine will change to the new color change needles before jumping to the start of the new color section. Extra stitch after jumps: Check to force the embroidery machine to needle down at the start of the first stitch following a jump. Trim-jump, minimum: If a single jump stitch exceeds the length specified here, it will change to a trim jump. Ioline 301 used with Barudan FMC set to first needle of color sequence so it is ready for sewing the design again. Move Pantograph After Placement Stitch: The Pantograph sometimes called a hoop holds the material and moves in x and y directions.

If this field is checked, after the placement outline is sewn the embroidery head will move just beyond the top or bottom border of the outline and 1 color change will occur.

At this stage, the applique material can be placed. The operator has to program the machine to stop at the first color change encountered. Use 2 color stop: Ioline 301 checked, the procedure above will include 2 consecutive color records. The embroidery machine operator may prefer this option program ioline 301 machine to stop when 2 consecutive color records are encountered. The points will reappear when the file is opened and are reusable. The following are displayed: n A summary of the output file statistics.

Choose Portrait or to make a hard copy of the export file statistics. The options customize the report. Tack-down Stitch An indented stitch that tacks the letter ioline 301 shape down ioline 301 the fabric. Indent Tackdown Specifies the amount the tack-down stitch is indented from the polygon. Bean Stitch This stitch resembles tiny beans.


Three stitches are placed back and forth between two points and stitched in a single line. Indent Bean Specifies the amount the bean stitch is indented from the polygon. Double Lock Makes the lock stitch a star-shaped, ioline 301 pattern ioline 301 of the triangular 3-stitch pattern.

This setting is recommended to improve durability. Convert Outline to Embroidery Resolution Outlines ioline 301 adjusted so coordinates are all evenly divisible by 4. A triangular sequence of 3 very small stitches are added to the start and end of each group of stitches.

This secures locks the stitching to prevent unraveling. Eliminate Protruding Stitches Improves Zigzag stitching on some shapes. Close Polygons Closes gaps smaller than 1mm that were left in a polygon and smooths stitching of vectors that do ioline 301 exactly share end points.

User Guide Ioline 301 Software

Group Internal Polygons Regroups internal polygons shapes with their respective external polygons so that the entire group is processed ioline 301 once the default. Left unchecked, shapes process in the order of the original import file.

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Simple Overlap Logic Ioline 301 the stitch overlap direction to the outside for internal polygons. When left unchecked the defaultthe overlap on internal polygons falls to the inside.

Ioline 300/350 System Software

See note in side ioline 301. Eliminate Duplicate Polygons Duplicate polygons exact same shape and segment count are eliminated to improve processing.The Ioline /HF, Software and hardlock support page offers several resources to help you with any problem. Find the support you need right here!. Support information is also available 24/7 on the Ioline Web siteā€”or you may contact Ioline.


Stitch Editor Blue Toolbar Mode, design level functions.

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