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Ready to Ship. Type Dot-matrix Printer Ribbon. Reset Post Submit Post. Loading The Paper Adjusting Print Head Position Paper Alignment Control Panel And Operations Control Panel And Indicators Function Keys Subscribe me to alerts. Bar code and enlarged character Printing bar codes Bar codes are printed at normal LQ seiko precision bp-9000 cpi cps print speed when the printing density is dpi or at Dark 1 LQ 10 cpi 79 cps print speed seiko precision bp-9000 the printing density is dpi.

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Page Error Processing Error processing If a character code that is not valid for the seiko precision bp-9000 bar code type is input, the character code is not converted into a bar code symbol but is printed as a character. If the bar code has a start or stop character added to the HRI, the start or stop character is printed.

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Page Upc-e Conversion Rule 9. NSC must be 0 or 1.

Seiko precision bp-9000 characters are weighed from the right to the left, as, example,1, 2, The sum of the data character values is determined. Page Element Printing The element printing function prints bar codes by inputting data element by element.

This function allows the user to print bar codes which are not supported by the printer but are expressed by combining elements. No HRI is printed, no check digit is added, and a seiko precision bp-9000 or stop character is not added, since data is input element by element.

Page Command List 9. Page Enlarged Character Mode 9. If there are still enlarged characters to be printed, they are printed, then form seiko precision bp-9000 is executed. In this mode, additional character pitches, print quality modes, and raster graphics resolutions may be selected by software command. Secondary character table HP mode This function selects symbol set of the secondary font table. Extended setup options Paper handling enhancement Set the top margin This function sets the top margin by lines with fixed line spacing of 6 lines per inch in the range between 0 to 15 lines 2.

Seiko Precision BP-9000 Manuals

See the paper size B. Set the left margint This function sets the left margin by columns with fixed character spacing of 10 characters per inch in the range between seiko precision bp-9000 to 63 columns 6. Left Margin Left Margin 0 - 63 columns 0 - 63 columns L. Extended setup options Set the right margin This function sets the right margin by columns with fixed character spacing of 10 characters per inch in the range between 0 to 63 columns 6.


Right Margin Right Margin 0 - 63 columns 0 - 63 columns R. Print Area Fanfold paper width This function sets the paper width to be used in the printer. Depending on the paper width, the print head will shift to the one half of the print width selected in this function to properly seiko precision bp-9000 the paper in place, and eliminates the possibility of paper jams during loading.

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Seiko precision bp-9000 printer automatically aligns the paper to the top of seiko precision bp-9000 next form when data is received. This feature is very beneficial when it is necessary to print a single invoice, and tear it off immediately following printing. Extended setup options 46 Override bottom margin The effect of this function varies depending whether you are using Cut Sheet or Fanfold paper.


seiko precision bp-9000 The operation of this function is also varied depending upon the Emulation setting and if in HP emulation, the PCL mode setting. The bottom margin setting can be overridden by this function, however, TOF Adjustment value there may be some degradation of print registration in the override print area.


Extended setup options Label mode valid only in fanfold setting Label mode is designed to prevent continuous forms labels from being peeled from the backing sheet and becoming jammed in the printer. Set the label seiko precision bp-9000 mode off. Set the label protect mode on.

When the bottom edge of the label is positioned on the round surface seiko precision bp-9000 the platen for more than 10 seconds, the label is automatically repositioned away from the platen.The pin BP from Seiko Precision is a high-performance state -of-the-art dot matrix printers and suitable for BP fanfold papers, cut sheets. View and Download Seiko Precision BP owner's manual online. Business Printer, pin wide-carriage dot matrix printer.

BP Printer pdf manual.

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