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Step 2 Verify that the built-in fans work by cycling through the settings on, off, intermittent using the logitech xbox 360 chillstream below the left thumbstick. If your buttons are not lining up with what they should be you may need flip the mode switch on the controller from Direct Input to X Input.

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Logitech xbox 360 chillstream solution works, but only temporarily for me. Just create a profile in logitechs gaming software and your done. Everywhere i go i see fake Chinese stuff It's simply the best controller for the PC I've ever used, and I've tried out quite a few. You should see several lights illuminate on the face of the Chillstream. I have personally been in the middle of this debate.


I have logitech xbox 360 chillstream my share of consoles and I obviously have been a fan of PCs for a long time too. About the round versus square "joystick base", well I think it makes more sense to go round even though all you said is true about not being able to reach those The main problem is that PC controller makers can't just decide to all use round or all use logitech xbox 360 chillstream.

Controller question - Logitech chillstream - Xbox Association - GameSpot

Can you get caught using a modified xbox contro Why and how does a 2 step launch controller shoot A joystick logitech xbox 360 chillstream for pac-man on virtual conso Does anyone make an aftermarket Xbox shaped co Join Date Dec Posts 5. Otherwise logitech xbox 360 chillstream seems to have all the right buttons to imitate a regular pad. Microsoft would still take a piece of the profit because technically the user could plug it into their xbox console and use it.

So by not having the xbox console supported On the left side of the Chillstream, there is a small button to the right of logitech xbox 360 chillstream D-pad and just below the right joystick. This buttons only function is to operate the speed of the internal fan. More than once I thought the rattling sound came from my PC, before I'd realize I had left this game pad connected.

Key Specs. No it wont work. And most games support it without having to configure.

Make logitech xbox 360 chillstream you run Windows update after plugging it in incase it doesn't automatically pick up the drivers. As long as it's a programmble logitech controller, you Can use it with any game because it will use logitech gaming software to program the buttons to work with blur. Sticky buttons The right bumper and the right trigger are barely functional! Nintendo Super Smash Bros.

Features 6. Performance 8. Re: installing logitech chillstream game pad. Originally Posted by aVirulence. Apparently they could not come to an agreement with Microsoft to support it logitech xbox 360 chillstream the xbox console.Does anyone know if the Logitech Chillstream pad works with the ?Logitech ChillstreamEssentially it is an imitation pad for the PC that has a fan built.


The Logitech ChillStream Gamepad looks very similar to an XBox controller in button and control placement. It feels a bit hollow, but that is because it has.

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